Dear President Miho,


In August, 2021-2022 President Kazuko Morita shared an email recognizing your “Club Roadmap for Success” accomplishments.

 Today, we want to share an extra special recognition item with you because your club is just one of few clubs across the federation who achieved all six metrics!

 Please see the attached digital badge that your club can display on your webpage or social media presence to mark your achievements for:

  • Participating in Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women
  • Engaging with Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls
  • Reporting your club’s Big Goal Accelerator Projects.
  • Achieving an 85% or better membership retention rate
  • Contributing at least 10 percent of funds raised locally to Club Giving in support of our federation programs
  • Donating Founders Pennies for every member in support of our federation programs

 We appreciate your dedication and passion for Soroptimist. Please extend our congratulations and thanks to the members of your club.


 SIA Headquarters



東リジョンでは、厚木 佐野 宇都宮3クラブに贈られました。



  ○ 「夢を生きる:女性のための教育・訓練賞」に参加

  ○ 「夢を拓く」女子中高生のためのキャリアサポートに参加

  ○ クラブの大きなゴールプロジェクトをしている

  ○ 会員維持率85%以上を達成

  ○ クラブで集めた資金の10%以上を、クラブ・ギビングに寄付し連盟プログラムを支援

  ○ ファンダーペニーに寄付し連盟プログラムを支援